Ragtown Gospel Theater

“Daughters of God”

April 18, 2014

I just finished my latest play, and I didn’t get the title for it until the very end, but it is the perfect one. “Daughters of God” will be staged from June 20th until August 16th, and I hope every Christian woman within 300 miles of Post finds a way to see it.

There is something different about this play. Something very different about the way I feel about it. It isn’t often that I love a play when I finish writing. I’m usually really worried about it. Insecure. Critical of it. I wonder if I’ve hit the mark, or fouled up what God has given me to say, by trying to muscle it through on my own.

I’ll just say it…I love “Daughters of God.” As always, my wife Robin was the first one to read it. She read it in the car as we were driving to the theater yesterday to strike the set of “Gethsemane” and begin building the set for this one. Her reaction has always been a very accurate barometer, and she has never reacted to a play like she did “Daughters of God.”

I am a richly blessed man, particularly when it comes to the women in my life. I had a passionate, talented, powerful mother so I was raised to appreciate and understand strong women. I married an amazing one. We had a daughter who is just like her mother. Our son married one as well. I sing with one on the stage at Ragtown. In fact, I am surrounded by them there, because there is something about Ragtown Gospel Theater that draws strong, driven women into the fold.

I personally think it is God, because He created these wonderful creatures, knowing that men were going to need someone who could actually get things done. I thank Him for the ones in my life every day.

Eve gave womankind a burden to bear, but after that incident in the garden, I think women almost have a corner on the market as far as good judgement is concerned. Men could be better at it, if we had to be, but having a safety net of women around us allows us to swing for the fence. It’s a perfect equation.

I hope women love “Daughters of God”…well, I hope men love it too. I’ll be telling you more about it in videos and posts as time goes along, but just a heads up…we’re already receiving group reservations. If you want the best seats, pick a date and make your reservations right away. And one more thing, don’t make it for the last week of the show. Make it a date early on. Call us at 1-877-RAGTOWN, or buy online.

In Dependence,


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